The Choral Pepper Collection

Sam Hicks leads Erle Stanley Gardner to the
Cave of the Serpent, Sierra San Francisco.

Cave of the Serpent

Cave of the Serpent

El Parral Cave

Gardner Cave as seen from the canyon floor.
('Gardner Cave' so named by Mexico's archaeologist Dr. Carlos Margain,
was renamed 'Pintada' later by the government, which is what the
local ranchers called it before Gardner brought Margain to the canyon, by helicopter.
Harry Crosby credited another archaeologist with renaming the cave, a
Dr. Clement Meighan also brought to the caves by Gardner. Meighan was from UCLA,
and had authority from Mexico City to investigate the caves.)

In April, 1967, Choral Pepper was invited by Erle Stanley Gardner to join him
and others for the first blimp trip into Baja on the Goodyear blimp.
This is the parking area for La Bufadora... just missed seeing the spray!

This is the border wait at San Ysidro... brutal!

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