San Pablo Canyon begins at San Francisco de la Sierra.
It contains the giant rock art sites made famous by Gardner.

Pepper Cave

Choral Pepper at the cave she and J.W. climbed to
after spotting it from the helicopter

J.W. Black, the mechanical genious who created the
Grasshopper, Butterfly, Pak Jak, and Burrito off road vehicles.

Capt. Munoz expresses himself with Dr. Margain.

Gardner at the Santa Maria Sky Ranch (just south of San Quintin) waiting out bad weather.
Note the clam shells on the roof.

Baja Cowboys (Vaqueros)

Lorenzo and Higinio Villavicencio of El Barril were encountered
as the Gardner party were making a road south of Bahia de los Angeles in 1966.

Erle Stanley Gardner and Choral Pepper

Baja was a wonderful and magic place to them, as it
continues to be for so many of us nearly 40 years later!

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