Uncle Erle finds a new friend at a Baja rancho. Note the clever use of a truck tire for furniture!

T.V.'s Perry Mason income helped to bring helicopters into Baja, for writer Erle Stanley Gardner.

San Francisco de la Sierra

Choral Pepper (wearing hat) stands with the young female
inhabitants of this tiny village.
Never before have these folks seen outsiders.
A three day mule ride was (then) needed to reach San Ignacio
from San Francisco de la Sierra.
An auto road was constructed 20 years
after Choral visited by helicopter.

Mision San Borja

As seen by members of the Gardner party, 40 years ago.

Only the church ceiling had a collapse, otherwise San Borja
was well preserved for the 150 years since it was abandoned.

A favorite Gardner camp...

... was here along the road to Bahia de los Angeles.
Clockwise from left: J.W. Black, Erle Stanley Gardner, Ricardo Castillo,
Bruce Barron, Jorge Yee, and Sam Hicks. Photo by Choral Pepper.

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